Confessions of a Curvy Girl

Life, Love, and Dating in Metro Detroit

Who are you and what are you doing reading my blog?
You are adventorous, strong, independant, mature. So mature, in fact, that you have trouble relating to your peers. You have frequent identity crises and internal existential debates going on inside your head. You find yourself pondering the meaning of life and the purpose of yours. Maybe you have been hurt by every man you have ever cared about. Maybe you are an emotional eater who's love of carbs is strong, powerful, and self-sabatoging.   
And let's not forget about the sex. As tempting and desirous as the last slice of pizza, your appetite for the male speciman is another itch you can't qute scratch. Many women would envy your understanding of your body, your sensual nature, how in touch you are with your sexuality. But as aware are you are over the power of your femininity, this gift can sometimes be a curse, because the more you get the more you seem to want. 
Beneath your cynicism lies an idealist, hopeless romantic, and despite everything you've been through you still believe in love. It is out there, somewhere, calling to you. If you relate to any of this than you belong here dear reader. Hop aboard this crazy train that is my life and come along for the ride. Come on this journey with me as I seek to lose weight, attempt to find love, and find myself. Who knows, maybe we can find ourselves together.    
This blog is not for the faint of heart.